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Turning Job Hunting on its Head

Everyone has those memories of aimlessly trawling through job sites and careers pages hoping for something to jump out at them and literally say, “Hey! This is the perfect job for you!” And on the rare occasions when that does happen, we then have the trauma of putting together a flawless application that will guarantee us an invite to meet someone that might like us and decide to offer us the job.

Job hunting is no walk in the park, and it feels like a full-time job on its own by the time you rack up the hours on the following process: SearchingResearchingWritingEditingSendingPraying.
Usually it comes in that order.
When you do reach the moment of hitting submit, confident you have crafted an excellent application, you then have the waiting game of finding out if it was good enough to reach the next stage.
But often you’re not just up against other individuals who have applied online in the same way as you. Oh no. You’re up against the contacts of those in the organisation who have be…

Getting Rid of ‘Meh’ Moments

We'll start with a short conversation:  “How’s your day been?“Meh”“What do you mean?”      “You know… Just ‘meh’” “I’m not sure I follow…”“Meh”     “It sounds like you’re saying nothing.”     “Exactly.”

This word has formed part of my vocabulary for some time and has successfully satisfied when I’ve needed a description for a ‘nothing’ moment. When something is average or so-so or not-really-worth-going-into-detail-about. An alternative I’ve also used is Blah. “How’s life treating you?!” 


I have recently discovered that ‘meh’ is in fact a real word. For so long I saw Meh as a sound more than a word. And yet whenever I’ve used it people have understood exactly what I meant. Imagine my surprise when Cambridge dictionary popped up among many other respected word books with recognition of this three-letter sound.
But while it might satisfy in some sentences and scenarios, the last thing we want to experience are moments we describe as meh. The more we say meh, the more empty, dis…

Conversation ‘outs’ for Successful Networking

Before we get started on the topic of conversation ‘outs’, it’s worth perusing the Networking article first to get in the zone of networking success.

Now that you’ve done just that, this is a key part of successful networking: knowing how to move on from conversations without offending your fellow conversationalist or making things awkward.
You can picture the scene: you’re at an event and it’s the ‘networking over refreshments’ part after the main speech or activity, you’ve got about half an hour until you want to be on your way home but there a few connections you need to make before you can go – maybe this was your goal for the evening.
You spy a professional and friendly looking person perched by a table looking thoughtfully around and there’s your next chat victim. You introduce yourselves and find out they are nothing to do with the industry you’re in, but you politely continue the talk with a series of questions that are met with short answers equivalent to blunt instruments, an…