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How Can I Be More Successful In My Career? Part 4 of 4

This might seem an ‘odd one out’ in the four articles focused around Top Tips for a Successful Career, but reflection is a key part of success. Staying motivated is essential to drive your career forward and often we find ourselves at a dead-end wandering what we’ve done and what we have actually achieved on the journey so far.

Part 4 of 4: Reflecting on Progress 
Taking time to look at the bigger picture will also help to bring you back on track with the goals you have set and identify where you may have veered off in another direction. On the other hand, you might be making loads of progress and when you achieve a milestone or a reach a goal you power on straight into the next challenge without looking back.
While it’s great that you might be making some strong progress, taking the time to reflect of your achievements is as important as reflecting on where you might be struggling. Those small wins that are leading you to that ‘end goal’ (if there is one) need to be recognised. Pat yo…

How Can I Be More Successful In My Career? Part 3 of 4

You can probably remember a time when an opportunity presented itself to you and you ran with it; maybe a new job, a promotion, a new hobby or some sort of adventure. We are often on the ‘lookout’ for something to come our way and a chance for us to seize the moment. Carpe Diem and all.But why do we often wait for these things to crop up? 

Part 3 of 4: Create Your Own Opportunities
Everything moves so fast and before we know it someone else might have seized that moment before us and we’re back to playing the waiting game for the next opportunity to arise. It’s time we created opportunities ourselves and made progress happen, rather than wait for it to potentially pop up in front of our faces.
Continuing with the series of top tips to bring more success to your career, creating your own opportunities is key to making the progress you want. Here are some ideas that might bring about new opportunities with you in the driving seat:
Identify ongoing problems or gaps in your department / organ…

How Can I Be More Successful In My Career? Part 2 of 4

Networking. Also known as Marmite. People tend to either really like or really despise networking events. But there’s no denying that building your connections and putting yourself in positions where you could meet some potentially very interesting individuals will help you towards more success in your career.
Part 2 of 4: Networking Top tips on how it can help you to achieve more success in your career
Whether you are content in your current role, looking to change career or planning your next move, networking is invaluable for career success – you never know who you could end up meeting and may even make a friend or two along the way.
Where to start? Internal networking - within your current organisation – is a good place to begin. If you’re part of a larger company and aren’t familiar with other departments, teams and colleagues, make the effort to introduce yourself. 
Look out for social events and other opportunities to meet unknown colleagues, grab a coffee with a company stranger …

How Can I Be More Successful In My Career? Part 1 of 4

Everyone has their own experiences and advice around what it means to have a successful career, but only one person can define what they want to achieve and determine their success: You.

Too often we’re in a state of comparing ourselves to others and using this as a way to recognise our own success (or lack of) which is hugely obstructive to our own career paths.
Change this approach and focus on YOU. Not only will you be measuring your success based on what you set out to achieve, but you’re also encouraging a much more positive mindset.
Part 1 of 4: Goal SettingHow to use it to achieve more success in your career1 Tried it before? Set a new year’s resolution just to test if you last a day longer than the previous year? It’s probably a safe bet that we’ve all been there, but this isn’t about resolutions and waiting for failure to knock on the door; this is about getting clarity on what you want to achieve in the short and long term, with the help of some decent goals.
What makes a dec…